Unitized facade system for maximum transparency



SMARTIA M65 is a unitized curtain wall system ideal for high-rise buildings, which provides freedom in architectural design. The construction of the building’s envelope is done by assembling big panels consisted of many glass frames, either structural or with visible aluminium covers. Every unit can be freely designed by the architect, whilst the system guarantees easy and secure application.


  • High Energy Efficiency
  • Increased Comfort level
  • Ability to design custom solutions tailor made to the building
  • Enhancement of Natural Light
  • Guaranteed performance quality in terms of air- water permeability, wind pressure as well as the Uf.
  • Increased static and functionality in extreme weather conditions
  • Ease of use with electric motion
  • 65mm basic system width
  • Easy replacement of broken glasses
  • Various hinged window types can be applied: parallel projected, top hung, all Tilt & Turn windows of SMARTIA systems